What Documents are Required for EOBI Pension?

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EOBI Pension ensures the well being of workers in the old-age after having served the country for years. It is the due right of the workers who have a central role in the economy of Pakistan. A worker has to be registered with EOBI in order to be eligible for EOBI Pension. There are various documents which are necessary to be provided by an insured person (a registered worker) which are mentioned below.

  1. Computerized National Identity Card
  2. EOBI Registration Card or EOBI Registration Number
  3. Service Certificate
  4. Record of employment in the form of personal file
  5. Proof of monthly EOBI contribution
  6. Family Registration Certificate

After presenting these documents, the Insured Person is issued a Claim Form by EOBI office which is to be completed by him and submit to EOBI office. These requirements are there for both male and female workers who have worked in coal mines or otherwise.

In case where a worker has died and his widow has claimed for EOBI Pension, the widow has to provide the death certificate of the worker issued by a Union Council. EOBI office can also ask for other documents especially when there is a doubt on the date of birth.

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