Minimum Wage in Pakistan for ICT and All Provinces of Pakistan

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Minimum wage in Pakistan has increased substantially in the past few years. Still the earning capacity of the labors and workers has not increased. The reason is the growing inflation which has reduced the purchasing power capacity of the people.

Minimum Wage is decided by each region differently, though there is not much difference between them. The Islamabad Capital Territory Administration announces its minimum wage from time to time. The present minimum wage announced by the ICT administration on 31st July 2023 is Rs. 32,000. The Directorate of Industries and Labour Welfare makes sure that the minimum wage is implemented across the ICT. If there is any issue, the directorate can be approached for the implementation of the orders. EOBI sets the EOBI Contribution rate on the minimum wage rate in ICT.

The Sindh Government is yet to announce any increase in the minimum wage of the labour. The current minimum wage rate in the province is Rs. 25,000. This minimum wage was announced on 7th July 2022.

Similarly, the Punjab Government has also set the minimum wage at Rs. 25,000 which is yet to increase since 1st July 2022. A proposal is under consideration after which the minimum wage will increase accordingly.

The KPK Government has also set the minimum wage at Rs. 25,000 with effect from 1st July 2022.

Moreover, the Balochistan Government has also declared the minimum wage rate to be Rs. 25,000 for the labours working in the province.

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