Pension Nahi Bani? Learn How to Avoid EOBI Pension Problems

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When you reach the age of 60, you don’t want post retirement pension problems. But here is the problem. You now have to go through the EOBI pension process. This involves your documents verification and your eligibility for the pension. Now at that stage, you are helpless and can’t do much about it. So in this article, we give you 5 guidelines to remember so as to avoid post retirement issues.

1. Keep Record of Your Service

You should always keep record of your service so as to avoid any problems when you reach the age of 60. This record should include both your service and contribution paid on your behalf to EOBI. Doing this will protect you from any untoward problems in the future. Service record includes appointment letter, monthly salary statement, attendance record and any other document issued from the employer.

2. Ensure EOBI Registration

Always make sure that you are registered with EOBI. This is very easy nowadays as you can visit EOBI portal and check whether you are registered with EOBI or not. Alternatively, you can put your CNIC in the comment section and we will check for you whether you are registered with EOBI or not.

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3. EOBI Pension Requirements

You must know what are the EOBI Pension requirements in various cases for example in case of old-age retirement, invalidity during service etc and make sure you fulfill these requirements before claiming EOBI Pension.

4. Timely Submission of Documents

It is important to understand when your eligibility for pension begin as any delay can cause you financial loss. This is because according to EOBI Act 1976, you are entitled to six months back pension in case of delay for more than six months after you become eligible for EOBI pension. Such delay causes financial losses to hundreds of claimants every year. Hence, take note of this sincere advice and avoid such delays.

5. Legal Rights in Cases of Dispute

Every person, whether a pension claimant or employer, is entitled to make appeal to EOBI Adjudicating Authority whenever any dispute arises. This right is available under Section 33 and Section 34 of EOBI Act 1976. If the problem is still unresolved, such a person can also appeal to EOBI Board under Section 35 of EOBI Act 1976.

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