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In this page, you will find the Frequently Asked Questions updated on routine basis.

Are mining workers covered in EOBI?

Yes, mining workers are also covered in EOBI scheme as per EOBI Act 1976.

Where is the head office of EOBI?

The EOBI Head Office is located at PECHS Karachi.

Who is the current chairman of EOBI?

Mrs Naheed Shah Durrani is the current chairman of EOBI. She is a grade 22 officer of the Pakistan Administrative Service (PAS).

What is the current pension rate of EOBI?

The current minimum pension rate of EOBI is Rs. 8,500/-

What is the contribution rate at present?

The current EOBI contribution rate if Rs. 1500 for every employee, out of which Rs. 1250 is borne by employer and Rs. 250 is contributed from the salary of the employee.

What is the procedure for increase in EOBI Pension?

Increase in pension is linked to Actuarial report of EOBI which shows the standing position of the organization, collection of contribution and disbursement of benefits. The decision regarding increase in pension is taken in BOT meeting after this report is published. This report is prepared after every three years to evaluate the position of the organization and its sustainability.

Can a Widow apply for the EOBI pension of her deceased Father/Mother?

EOBI pension is allowed for the children of a deceased pensioner/insured person if the child is a minor i.e. his or her age is less than 18 years. Full pension is allowed to such a child but no pension is allowed for a child whose age exceeds 18 years according to EOBI Act 1976.

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