Process of EOBI Verification for Pension Disbursement in 2023

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EOBI Verification is necessary for pensioners after every six months. For EOBI Verification, the pensioner has to provide bio-metric verification of his or her identity. In case where bio metric verification is not possible, Bank Alfalah provides physical verification to the pensioners as well. In this article, we will guide you on how to do the verification and also provide all the relevant information.

Validity of EOBI Verification

EOBI Verification is valid for six months only, after which new verification is due. This is important to make sure the transparency and protection of EOBI Fund. Hence, the disbursement stops when the EOBI Verification is due.

Process for EOBI Verification

The pensioners has to visit any Bank Alfalah branch which will assist the pensioner in verification process. After the verification process, the pensioner receives a message from Bank Alfalah.

Disbursement of Pension after Verification

If the verification process was done before the 15th of a month (in case of a person who is already a pensioner), the pension will be disbursed by the first week of the next month. But if it was done later on, the pension will take one more month before being disbursed to the pensioner. In case where a new pensioner has visited the bank for first time activation of ATM card, he has to complete the process before the 10th of a month. In that case he will receive pension in the first week of the next month. Otherwise, he will receive pension after one month delay.

Physical Verification

In case where the pensioner’s finger prints are not visible and the biometric machine can’ ascertain the identity of the pensioner, he has the option to undergo physical verification at the bank. The bank has the responsibility to physically verify such pensioners and send the details to EOBI in due time for pension disbursement.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I receive a message if my verification is Due?

Yes, you will receive a message from Bank Alfalah if your verification is due.

Is there any other method for Verification instead of Visiting Bank?

Yes. You can verify yourself at any shop which provides Alfa Payment Gateway. You can visit the shop and verify yourself.

If you have any other questions, please submit in the comment section below.

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