EOBI Registered Employer and Related Details – Complete Guide

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There are many Pakistanis who are working in the private sector. They want to register themselves with EOBI but they can’t find if the organization they want to join is registered with EOBI. In this context, this article will try provide information on how to ascertain if an organization is registered with EOBI or not.

Big Units are Mostly Registered with EOBI

Most of the big businesses are already registered with EOBI. So when you come across a big organization name for example Shifa Hospital Islamabad or Kohinoor Textile Mills, then there is no doubt that these organizations are already registered with EOBI.

The Employer Deducts EOBI Contribution from Salary

Another way to ascertain whether an organization is registered with EOBI or not is to find out if the organization deducts EOBI from the employees’ salary. Hence the employees are mostly aware of the organization. The deduction of EOBI contribution from the salary is often disclosed by the employers with EOBI.

Detailed List of EOBI Registered Employer

Soon we will include a detailed list of EOBI Registered Employers. Hence keep visiting our website for latest updates about EOBI Pension.

Regional Office of EOBI

If there is still some doubt remaining, then a visit to nearest EOBI regional office is very important. The EOBI staff will ascertain and tell the person if an organization is EOBI Registered Employer or not. Moreover, detailed information is also provided on the activity or closure of an organization.

Inquire in the Comment Section

If there is still some tie left, then you may ask the question in the comment section. We will try to find out the details and let you know. We will disclose the registration of the employer with EOBI. Moreover if the employer is no more active, we disclose the information regarding that as well.

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