EOBI Pension, Old Age, Survivor, Minor and Grant Details in 2023

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EOBI provides three kind of pension to the workers registered with it.

Invalidity Pension

This pension is available to those workers who can’t continue work due to some accident or illness. The worker can claim Invalidity Pension on the PE 03 Claim Form available on our website. He has to submit his proof of disability which should not be less than 70 percent. If verified, he will be granted Invalidity Pension at the minimum pension rate set by the government. It is necessary that the worker has served for 5 years before he can claim Invalidity Pension.

Old Age Pension

Those workers who reach the age of sixty and whose service is more than 15 years are eligible for Old Age Pension. A woman can claim EOBI Old Age Pension or Old Age Grant when she reaches 55 years of age. Moreover, workers in mining field are also eligible for pension or Old Age grant when they reach 55 years of age.

Old Age Grant

Those workers who have reached the age of sixty but whose service is less than 15 years, and more than 2 years, can claim Old Age Grant. Old Age Grant is in the form of one time payment only.

Survivor Pension

If a pensioner dies, his wife is eligible for EOBI Survivor Pension. Moreover, if a worker has died during service, and his service is more than 3 years, his wife is entitled to Pension. Also, if he has left the service after serving more than 5 years, and dies before 60 years, then his wife is entitled to Pension.

If a worker dies while he was still a bachelor, his parents are eligible for pension till 5 years. Apart from that, if his wife dies but he has a minor child, then such a minor child is eligible for EOBI Survivor pension till he reaches 18 years of age.

We have also written an article on EOBI Benefits in Urdu for those who can’t understand English.

EOBI Verification

There is a complete article on EOBI verification, please click on the link to access it. If you have any questions, please submit in the comment section below.

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