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The EOBI Pension Claim Form is the document that a person has to submit for EOBI pension. This pension is based on service performed in the private sector of Pakistan. In order to qualify for a pension payment, you have to submit an EOBI form. We have obtained the most recent pension claim forms from EOBI, all of which are straightforward and simple to complete. These forms are easy to understand and anyone who has some level of basic literacy can fill these forms. The purpose of EOBI Form is to collect the basic information from claimants. This information is then sent for verification to the concerned officers. After verification, the pensioner is eligible for EOBI pension.

In EOBI form for Pension, there are three distinct types of forms that are in usage in accordance with EOBI Act 1976.

Form PE-03 for the Disability Pension

PE-04 Form for Old Age Pension or Grant

Form PE-05 for the Survivor Pension

If a person working in the private sector falls prey to any accident, he can apply for Invalidity pension. He has the right to submit a claim for an invalidity pension. He has to submit the PE-03 Form. This document needs to have both the signature of the employer and the attending physician in order to be valid.

The purpose of form PE-04 is to apply for an old-age pension. An individual is qualified to apply for the Old Age Pension once they have reached the age of sixty and have completed fifteen years of service. He has to attest the PE-04 Form from his employer and then submit it to EOBI along with any other pertinent documents.

There are times when a person reaches their natural end. His survivors, especially his widow, are eligible to apply for Survivor Pension, regardless of whether or not he was a pensioner. When applying for an EOBI pension, the surviving family members need to use the PE-05 forms.

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