EOBI has Restored Dual Pension to Thousands of Pensioners

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EOBI’s Chairperson has given approval to restore the EOBI dual pension and directed all the regional offices to restore such pensions. Thousands of pensioners will now be able to receive double pensions in light of this order. Dual Pension was stopped in 2016 but it has been declared lawful by the Ministry of Law & Justice. The matter was raised by the pensioners and many pensioners had gone to the courts for restoration of their pension.

EOBI Chairperson Naheed Durrani has restored the dual pension after the recommendation of Ministry of Law and Justice. Deputy Director General Dr. Javed Ahmad Shaikh has notified all the regional offices of EOBI to restore the dual pensions on immediate basis.

Dual pension refers to such pension types where a person receives two pensions. One for his own service and the other pension is received on the basis of services rendered by his deceased spouse.

As a result, thousands of pensioners will now receive EOBI dual Pension. The decision will now provide them the pension as well as the arrears.

A person who wants to claim dual pension has to submit the EOBI form. Also, you can now download EOBI pension claim Forms from our website.

A few days ago, EOBI chairperson briefed the National Assembly Standing Committee on the pension disbursement requirements for EOBI pensioners. The Chairman also deliberated on the formation of a one-window operation to serve the needs of old age pensioners/widows.

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