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EOBI provides the facility to check EOBI record easily online. It is now very easy to EOBI check by CNIC as we will explain today. In this regard, EOBI has provided all the details on its website which may be accessed easily. Moreover, if there is any discrepancy, you can submit your application to EOBI for correction of your record.

The process is very simple. You have to submit your CNIC in the comment section. We will share you the details which you can download and use according to your requirements. You may also submit application if there is any discrepancy in the information.

The EOBI details include name, father or husband name (in case of married women), date of birth, EOBI Registration Number, Computerized National Identity Card Number, Address, date of registration, Employer details and Contribution payment details.

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Please submit your CNIC and email address in the comment section for EOBI Card Check. We will send you the details which you can take a print out and use according to your needs. The EOBI individual information will provide all the details regarding your CNIC, date of Joining, date of birth, and EOBI Registration Number.

Please feel free to use our contact form or FAQ section if there is any more information you need.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of frequently asked questions and their answers.

How to EOBI Check by CNIC?

Submit your CNIC in the comment section for EOBI registered employer check, and we will provide all the EOBI details.

How to Check EOBI Contribution Details?

You can check EOBI Contribution details online easily by submitting your CNIC in the comment section. We will provide you the details as soon as possible.

How to know When Should I Claim EOBI Pension?

Send your date of birth in the comment section and we will send you the date of eligibility for EOBI pension.

Is EOBI form Available Online?

Yes, EOBI forms are available online on our website. You can click on the link to download the EOBI forms.

What is EOBI Tracking?

EOBI tracking can help you find the registration for any employee with EOBI. Please submit your CNIC in the comment section below for EOBI tracking.

What is EOBI Insured Person?

EOBI Insured person means a worker who is registered with EOBI under the EOBI Act 1976. Such a person is entitled to EOBI benefits under the act.

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