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EOBI issues the Card to employees of organizations registered under the EOBI Act 1976. This Registration Card grants its holder access to a range of benefits detailed in this article. The Insured Person, formerly known as the Registered Worker, has to submit a monthly contribution of one percent of the minimum wages established by the Federal Government of Pakistan from their salary. Simultaneously, the employer is obliged to contribute five percent of the minimum wages as an employer’s contribution on behalf of each insured person.

Who is Eligible for EOBI Card?

EOBI Registration Card is issued to every worker who is registered with EOBI. When a worker has EOBI Registration Card, he is entitled to EOBI benefits subject to fulfill of requirements. Other than that, he is also eligible to benefits under Workers Welfare Fund and Social Security according to their requirements.

Issuance of EOBI Card

If a person has not received EOBI Registration Card, he can request for issuance to his HR. The same may also be requested to his concerned EOBI Regional Office. This is especially the case when monthly contribution is being deducted from his salary. There is also an option for issuance in the Facilitation System (FS) of EOBI website provided to the employers.

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Duplicate Card

A person who has lost his EOBI registration card can also request for a duplicate one. This has also the same procedure. He may request his HR department, or alternatively approach EOBI Office for duplicate. His employer can put the request to the concerned EOBI office or use the Facilitation System on EOBI website for issuance of duplicate.

Mistake in Card

If there appears any mistake in the information on it, the employee can again put the request to his HR department, or approach EOBI office for correction of his record. The employer can also use the Facilitation System on the website for correction of records.

In an era where financial stability stands as a paramount concern, the EOBI card emerges as a potent tool, bestowing a multitude of benefits upon employees in Pakistan. The Employees’ Old-Age Benefits Institution (EOBI) has ingeniously crafted this card to furnish a range of advantages, ensuring a secure and dignified future for the nation’s workforce. In this article, we embark on an SEO-optimized exploration of the myriad benefits that the EOBI card brings to individuals and their families.

Instant Access to Benefits

The EOBI card operates as a gateway to instantaneous access to a plethora of benefits. This card masterfully streamlines the process, enabling cardholders to effortlessly tap into a spectrum of privileges, including retirement pensions, survivor’s pensions, and invalidity pensions. The sheer ease of access guarantees that individuals receive the financial support they rightfully deserve, all without enduring prolonged wait times.

Building a Financial Safety Net

The EOBI card empowers employees to construct a robust financial safety net for their imminent retirement years. This encompasses benefits that stretch far beyond retirement pensions, seamlessly encompassing survivor’s pensions for bereaved families and invalidity pensions for those confronting unforeseen health challenges.

Effortless Transactions at Your Fingertips

The EOBI card’s design eradicates the days of cumbersome administrative processes. The card substantially expedites the process, allowing users to effortlessly initiate and monitor claims with just a few clicks.

Embracing Digital Convenience

As the EOBI card embraces the digital era, it ushers in unparalleled convenience. Cardholders gain the power to access their benefits and account particulars online, effectively eliminating the need for physical visits. This digital accessibility ensures that individuals wield the capability to manage their financial well-being seamlessly, regardless of their geographical location.

Empowerment through Information

The EOBI card takes the concept of empowerment a step further by providing unhindered access to crucial information. In a matter of moments, cardholders can meticulously review their contributions, gauge their benefit eligibility, and assimilate personalized updates.

Catalyzing Streamlined Communication

Within the realm of the EOBI card, communication becomes a streamlined affair. By directly furnishing personalized updates to cardholders, the card creates an interactive ecosystem. Irrespective of whether the updates concern policy alterations, benefit enhancements, or impending seminars, individuals remain perpetually informed and intricately engaged. This empowerment equips them to extract the maximum value from their benefits.

A Haven of Security and Protection

Acknowledging the pivotal role of security, the EOBI card embeds robust measures to safeguard cardholders’ personal and financial data. Through this fortified security apparatus, cardholders can traverse their benefits and confidential information with a sense of unassailable assurance.

Conclusion: Forging the Path to Financial Liberation

In sum, the EOBI card undeniably revolutionizes the very fabric of employees’ financial security in Pakistan. Armed with instantaneous access to benefits, the creation of a substantial financial safety net, seamless transactions, digital convenience, information empowerment, streamlined communication, and impregnable security, individuals stand poised to embrace their impending retirement years with a newfound sense of conviction. The EOBI card emerges not merely as a tool, but as a beacon that illuminates the path toward financial liberation.

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