How to Register a Business Unit with EOBI

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EOBI registration is compulsory upon all business entities in Pakistan which have more than five workers, and it is voluntary for those business entities having workers less than five. This registration is also compulsory on Not For Profit organizations. After registration, the entity has to submit monthly contribution to EOBI on behalf of its employees who will be entitled to benefits as mentioned in EOBI Act 1976.

Registration with EOBI is a very simple process. The owner of the entity has to submit a form to EOBI which is called ‘PR-01 Form’. This form contains the details of the business entity, number of employees working in the organization and and date of applicability of the organization. You can download this form and fill it easily for submission to any nearby Regional Office of EOBI.

After submitting this form, the employer has to submit PE01 Form for every employee working with it. This form is used for registration of the employee and generation of EOBI Registration Card. The next important document which has to be submitted by the employer is PR02A form which includes the list of all employees working with the employer. It contains information such as the name, father/husband name, date of birth, date of registration and date of exit etc. The other important document is PR03A voucher which is a set of five carbon copies and is used for monthly submission of dues to EOBI.

The employer has to submit monthly dues to EOBI in any Bank Alfalah branch and also submit PR02A form to EOBI. These documents are used for documentation and verification of claim cases submitted by employees in future. EOBI is currently undertaking drastic measures to digitalize this system for speeding up the process of benefits disbursement to the employees. The employers can also request for a separate login in the EOBI Facilitation System Website where they can submit these records in respect of employees and generate computer based vouchers.

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